Extra-lightweight all-tube guitar amplifier

We set high standards for both the development and manufacture of our products, whether guitar amplifiers or Hi-Fi tube amplifiers with that little something extra. We also produce first-class effects units, which offer our customers the possibility of incomparable improvements in sound. Our small, highly professional company, based in Berlin, offers a range of tube amplifiers suited to both experienced professional musicians and ambitious hobbyists.

This is due both to our amplifiers’ unmistakable, rich sound, and to their extreme light weight, making them easy to load in the car for the next gig.   We attach great importance to sonic variety in which musicians can trust at all times. Your audience will be thrilled when they hear your singular guitar sound. The right tone is crucial in concert, and should not be neglected. Our amplifiers will help you to demonstrate your excellence on stage as a guitarist.

Our Hi-Fi tube amplifiers can be tailored according to the individual customer’s needs. Among others, custom options include the enclosure wood species, metal surface, and personalized engraving.  Each amplifier remains a high-end device, providing stunning sound quality.
The effects units we offer on our website also offer a wide sonic palette. The tube technology we have developed is groundbreaking, and our products are built to a high standard of workmanship.


Our Berlin-based team has committed itself to producing full-sounding amplifiers for both musical instruments and Hi-Fi which will provide long-term customer satisfaction.

That’s how our hard work pays off. Have a look at our website; perhaps you’ll find the device you’ve always been looking for. We value the trust you place in us. Professional musicians must be able to put absolute trust in their amplifiers for public performances. No musician wants to deal with technical difficulties on stage. We stand for high-quality products, no matter whether for amateurs or professionals.



BLUE NOTE guitar combo

  • 30 Watt all-tube amplifier
  • Very light (11.5 kg)
  • 2 channels with independent tone controls
  • Tone colours from silky smooth to bitingly heavy
  • High-end speaker
  • Excellent digital reverb

BLUE NOTE guitar head

  • 30 Watt all-tube amplifier
  • Extremely light, ca. 5.7 kg
  • 2 channels with independent tone controls
  • Tone colours from silky smooth to bitingly heavy
  • Excellent digital reverb

BN1X12 guitar cabinet

  • Matched to the BLUE NOTE head
  • Very light (beginning at 5.0 kg)
  • High-end 12“ speaker, 100 Watt 8 Ohm
  • 2 jacks to connect an additional

organ drive
Orgel/Keyboard Distortion

  • 2 channels for 2 different sound variants
  • Added sonic richness
  • Silky-smooth to extremely heavy distortion
  • Quick tube replacement – only 1 screw
  • Available with foot or hand switching

Overture HIGH END tube amplifier

  • Exceptionally rich, sensitive high-fidelity tube sound
  • Integrated stereo tube amplifier
  • 6 inputs with display
  • Custom finishing according to customer’s wishes regarding wood species, metal surface, and engravings

TM2002 2x300 Watt hybrid amplifier

  • Integrated stereo amplifier with 6 inputs
  • Merges the advantage of tube and transistor technologies
  • Powerful, transparent tube sound
  • Adjustable output power limiting
  • Suitable for all speakers
Amp switch 42 v3

Amp-Switch 4/2 switch for 4 Amps

  • For running up to 4 (guitar) amplifiers and 2 cabinets from a single source
  • Direct 1:1 comparison between connected amplifiers and cabinets without affecting the audio signal quality
  • Passive relay switching
  • Suitable for all amplifiers (Tube/Transistor)

LPS-12 power supply for keyboards

  • For up to 30 (student) keyboards
  • Compact case
  • Troubleshooting for cables
  • Self-resetting fuse

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