Amp-Switch 4/2 V3

Amp switch 42 v3
Amp switch 42 v3 back


  • Switching device to select between 4 amplifiers and 2×2 different speaker enclosures from a single source (e.g. guitar)
  • Direct (1:1) sound comparison for the connected amps and speakers
  • All switching is by relay, preventing any unwanted influence on the sound
  • Suitable for all amplifier types (Tube/Transistor)
  • Operating current: 115/230V AC
  • Pop-free switching
  • Amplifier connections colour-coded
  • 1:1 Slave Out for recording


  • mains voltage: 115/230V 50/60 Hz  (to be set by a professional shop)
  • power consumption: max. 2 W
  • dimensions: 19” 2HE  480x250x45 mm
  • weight: 1,5 kg


The Amp-Switch 4/2 was developed based on requests from music studios und professional guitarists in order to directly compare the sounds of different (guitar) amplifiers and cabinets.

Of course, it can also be used for any other (mono) amplifiers, cabinets and signal sources.

It allows the user to connect 4 amplifiers and up to  4 (2×2) different cabinets to a single signal source (mono)(e.g. guitar), and switch directly between them in order to compare their sounds in various combinations.

Defining feature: Switching is passive, using high-quality relays at both the in- and outputs. The signal is passed from the input jack of the Amp Switch through a super-low-capacitance coaxial cable to the relays for the amplifier outputs. The inevitable effects on sound quality are thus essentially limited to the quality of the cables connected to the unit’s in- and output jacks.

Connected tube amps are protected by short-circuiting the speaker output when they are not connected to a speaker enclosure. This option can be turned off with a switch on the back of the Amp Switch. Connected amps with high “Gain” and “Volume” settings are thus protected from damage.

When switching between amplifiers, a mute function is activated to ensure that no switching click can be heard.

All switching possibilities can be directly switched in real time from the front panel.

Speaker selection (1 or 2) can be preset for each amplifier. Up to two speakers can be  connected to each speaker output channel (parallel connection).

Terms of delivery

  • The amp can either be tested and bought msw-kö from our sales location, or through our internet shop.
  • For a test or purchase at msw-kö it is advised to make an appointment in advance.
  • For purchases made through our internet shop, you risk nothing, since according to German distance selling act, you have the right to return a product without specifying a reason within 14 days. Provided the device shows no sign of wear, the full purchase price will be refunded. Details in the > TOS
  • With payment via PayPal, there is also no risk, since PayPal will refund the purchase price if the goods are not properly delivered.

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