LPS-12 power supply for keyboards


  • Central power supply for up to 30 keyboards
  • Robust, linear power supply (not a switching power supply)
  • Rapid fault diagnosis for attached patch cables by LED indicators
  • Connection to keyboards by standard commercially available XLR cables, or XLR cables available directly from us.


  • Power supply voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Power: 160VA
  • Primary fuse: Thermal fuse (resettable)
  • Output voltages: 4 x 12V/DC  (XLR jacks)
  • Output current: 4 x 3,3A  (self-resetting polyswitch fuse)

Accessories - Connector cables

Individual keyboards connect to the LPS-12 power supply with this type of cable, which is provided upon request. The standard length is 3 meters. The cables are supplied with one (see picture) or two connector plugs for keyboards. The second connection on the twin-connector version is in the position of the right-hand plug in the picture.

Price – Standard 3 meter cable:

for 1 keyboard: 18.- €       for 2 keyboards: 23.- €

We also produce these cables upon request in other lengths.

Surcharge per meter:   1.- €

Terms of delivery

Delivery to schools provided upon order confirmation by invoice (prepayment not required)


350,00 €